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In lockdown of 2020, I started a blog. Terribly unoriginal vanity project? Probably. Aside from that, I need to be writing all the time, so my blog turned into a kind of online survival x stream of consciousness.


Ever battling with technology, I managed to completely mess up the formatting of my last page, so this one has been through quite a few resurrections etc. Hopefully, what’s left now is the interesting stuff :)


The written word is scary. 

It’s also the best thing ever, and I keep coming back to it.


I recently graduated from uni and one of my favourite projects during my time there was my dissertation. I wrote on Nina Simone and Christina Rossetti’s portrayals of motherhood and the female endurance of pain. I can’t believe my tutors let me get away with it. The idea sprung out of love and was completed out of stubbornness, but I'm so glad I saw it through. The world needs more unlikely pairings. I’d love to watch Simone and Rossetti chatting over dinner. I think they would have got on quite well.


G xx

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